Do Win running shoes

Very little is known about this lower price point Do Win running shoe. The manufacturer is the Chinese company Duowei which has adopted the brand name ‘Do Win’ (though Do Win is not a direct English translation of the word, Duowei which translates to English as ‘duo is’).

Duowei was founded in Kunshan, Jaingsu Province in China in 1983 and became the professional sports shoe of the Chinese Olympic Committee in 2001.

The brand has a distinctive 3 pronged logo:

Do Win running shoes

The brand is most well known for the Do Win Weightlifting Shoe which was originally started out as the Pendlay Do-Win, but is just now only referred to the “Do-Win” weightlifting shoe mostly sold by on Rogue Fitness.

They appear to have one running shoe design in several colors:

A somewhat novel colorway of this running shoe is the camouflage version:

Do Win running shoes camoflauge

The shoes as marketed as being in the cushioning category. The midsole is an EVA material. The company claims that the technology used in the shoes are “Cushioning Glue, Torsion System, Flying Wire Technology, Easy To Bend Function, Enhanced Shock Absorber, Breathable Technology“.

do win technology
Duowei God of war second generation running shoes
Duowei God of War Second Generation running shoes

If you can provide more information on the Do Win or Duowei running shoes, then please contact us as we would really appreciate the information. We have not been able to locate any contact information for the manufacturer.